Karl's Scotland

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sir Karl is a true visionary. When he has a vision, he exceeds expectations and goes above and beyond with the details. I love everything about Chanel. If I could only wear one designer, it would be Chanel. With. Out. A. Doubt. As I mentioned in this post, I love how classic their pieces are. 

Karl's vision of old world-meets-new chic Scotland took place in Linlithgow Palace, the birthplace of Queen Mary, Queen of Scots. Each piece in this M├ętiers d'Art collection oozes coziness. Below is a breathtaking behind the scenes video of the show, and here you'll find the full show. 

Incredible detail photo // Love the dramatic eye liner. 

A few of my favorite looks: 

Photo Credit: Rjudour.com & Style.com
So you agree...it's all in the details. 


  1. agree. totally amazing. and i love your blog! great taste ;)



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