Last Minute Gift Idea

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Over the weekend I was in a DIY mood and had recently purchased these picture slot coasters. These are a great last minute gift idea since you can pick up similar coasters at Target or other stores. Bonus: they're super easy to personalize. I opted to keep them basic using scrapbook paper. Some ways you can personalize are photos (duh), maps of places you've been, movie/concert tickets. Basically you can put anything that holds a special memory into these coasters. 

I love this idea because anytime you or guests use them, it reminds you of that special time/place and is a great conversation starter!

So you agree...thoughtful gifts can be easy and inexpensive. 


  1. Great idea!! Love them! Would love for you to checkout our NYE style guide when you have a minute!

    xo, April & Brittan

    1. Thanks girls! I love all the peplum on you April!


  2. GREAT gift idea. Super cute.

    -Casey K


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