Work Wear: SXSW Edition

Monday, March 11, 2013

Bottom options: Left to right - Zara // Hudson // Gap. Not shown: Gap jean shorts
Footwear Options: Left to right - (Top) Prabal Gurung x Target pumps // Hunter rain boots // Steve Madden Moto boots
(Bottom) Zara loafers // Target flats // Toms
Top Options: F21 Leopard // Zara Stripes // Gap Chambray // F21 sweater
J.Crew blouse // Francesca's blouse // Old Navy Flannel
Coat options: Left to Right - F21 // Macy's // H&M
Accoutrement Options: Sunnies: Top - Ray Ban // Bottom - Chanel // Left: Knockarounds
Necklaces: Left - Francesca's Collection // Right - Ambiance boutique find
Watches: Michael Kors // Nixon
Bracelets: Ralph Lauren // J.Crew // various boutiques 
Wellies at the bottom // rest of the shoes in the side pockets
Done and done! 
When it comes to packing, I'm always up for a challenge. But the weather Austin gave me for my week at SXSW just isn't fair! Raining/thunderstorms for the first 3 days and then high of 75 degrees for the rest of the week (not to mention the 50% of humidity, ugh)! So imagine my thoughts having to pack for a week! 

This work wear post is a bit different than my last (see here) as this is much more laid back, mostly hanging out in the streets of Austin listening to awesome bands and seeing some great comedy (yes, this is work)! 

To pack for this week in a carry on, I knew I needed to focus on footwear since I'll be on my feet all. day. long. First, I packed all my undergarments in lingerie bags (similar here) and stuffed them into the rain boots, and I placed them at the bottom of the luggage. This freed up the pouches in the front that I normally use for undergarments for my rolled up tops. Then, I rolled everything else I had (including but not shown a puffy vest, hoodie, pjs) to tuck into the crevices. I then added a curling iron, accouterments, toiletries and make up to one of the pouches and TA DA! I'm packed and ready to go for a week of SXSW adventures. Packing for trips, work or pleasure, shouldn't be stressful. Picking the shoes to pack is what is stressful!

So you agree... footwear options are a must for travel! 


  1. Wow!!! How did you get everything into that carry on? That's amazing.

    1. A few of my trick is to roll everything and stuff them within the nooks and crannies, I also pack options that are easy to mix and match and pack the shoes in first since they're always an odd shape. Let me know if you have more questions, happy to help!


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