Thursday, October 3, 2013

When I woke up yesterday morning and started to check the final shows for Paris Fashion Week, I soon learned that Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton have decided to part ways after 16 amazing years. While my feelings are mixed about this; sad because Mr. Jacobs has produced some of the most amazing lines and shows that have literally changed the way I see show production and then excitement of who will attempt to fill the shoes of this creative genius and what they will bring to the house. I can't help but reflect on a few of Mr. Jacobs shows that brought tears to my eyes (no joke, I take my shows seriously), blew my mind for how dynamic and creative they are and the amazing designs that come out season after season.

Below are a few of the shows that made my heart skip a beat, talk endlessly about with my friend Whitney and inspire me to one day produce a show of this caliber. Without further ado...
Spring 12': I love how sleek and chic everything is in white including the line
Fall 11': Rod iron elevators and porters were the highlight of this show
Fall 13': I loved the 20's Parisian vibe of this show. The apartment doors was so creative and unique, I'd love to see the show flow of this to see how the models were timed so perfectly. 
Spring 13': This show BLEW my mind! Models coming down in pairs, the changing escalators, check print everything. Perfection!
Fall 12': I could do an entire post on just this show! Watching this show not only brought me back in time, but pushed me to want to help create a production with this quality. I loved how they paired a porter with each model and it really made you imagine this time period and their lifestyle. 
Spring 14': Mosiour Jacobs grand finale, each of his impressive elements taken from his previous shows! 

So you agree... these are going to be tough shoes to fill 

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  1. Love, love, love Marc Jacobs! He is officially the master of showmanship.


    1. Right Alex?! I'm excited to see what he does next and who LV selects.



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