Wednesday, December 11, 2013

When Donna asked me to create a holiday wish list for the blog, my first thoughts were shoes, sports & technology. What can I say, I'm a simple guy.

1. I'm an A's fan and there are a few series I already have my eyes on for 2014; Detroit, Boston and of course the Battle of Bay.

2. It's finally cold in the city, so I figured I better start bundling up. I'm sure Donna would approve of this coat.

3. A floating desk feels like a great way to give our tiny apartment a bit more room... for a huge comfortable desk chair.

4. I have a small collection of watches and when Donna introduced me to Modify watches, this camo 'Undercover Brother' one immediately stood out. Plus you can change the band to a variety of colors. BONUS: Receive 35% off your custom watch till 12/24, use the code 'SYA35'!

5. I'm a huuuge sneakerhead. These Air Jordan Retro 12 'Taxi's' are a classic. I'm glad Jordan brought them back just in time for the holiday season.

6. & 7. The only thing better than a PS4 is a new TV and a PS4.

So you agree... ask and you shall receive..?

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  1. I have a family of Jordan fans (even my 2-year-old wears them) and I hope you get the retro Taxis! xoxo, BA

    1. That's amazing BA! I've seen the little one rock them.



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