3 FOR ME {February}

Friday, February 28, 2014

This month's installment of 3 for Me includes an interesting read on why we get annoyed, I was really into Asian food, I got my first facial and what I learned about my skin! Hope your February was amazing, here's to March! {sorry for all the text!}
Book: Annoying: The Science of What Bugs Us  
By: Joe Palca & Flora Lichtman 

My dad always introduces me to books that I typically wouldn't find or be interested in but he somehow knows that it's exactly the read I needed. He usually recommends books that encourage me to think and learn more about myself and my surroundings which I appreciate. 

A few things I learned about getting annoyed: 
- Annoyance is subjective. A sound or smell you might find irritating can be calming to others. "One man's music is another man's noise."
- We get annoyed when things are unpredictable, unpleasant and temporary. 
- In long term couples, they found that what one found in the beginning of the relationship endearing in their partner; was what they found annoying in the long term. For example: I like that he's hard working (beginning), he's a workaholic (later in relationship).

Restaurants: MyMy Cafe (Nob Hill), Lers Ros Thai (Tenderlion) & Waraku (Japantown)

I was fortune enough to try not one but THREE new restaurants this month!

Top: My gal pal Chanda and I were meeting up for brunch and she had suggested MyMy Coffee Shop which is SO close to my house it's almost embarrassing that I haven't been there. Oh my! Now I'm addicted to their hash browns, so thin and crunchy. I had the Tex-Mex scramble. Can't wait to bring the beau and try another scramble.  

Bottom: My fam bam came out during the President's day holiday and we took bear to Fort Funston, his favorite place ever. Post our hike we went to Lers Rose Thai. Thai is high on my list of favorite eats and I think this might be my new favorite spot. 

Right: As much as I love Thai, I'm obsessed with ramen! We've tried most of our local gems and when I was looking on HowAboutWe for a date idea I saw ramen in Japantown as an option, it was a must. Waraku was a cozy spot and while the ramen was delicious, I wouldn't make this my go-to spot. It did get us out of our neighborhood, which is one of the reasons I love HowAboutWe so much. We also found the cutest wine bar on Fillmore post noodles! 

Beaty: Eminence - Stone Crop Hydrating Mist

I've never had a facial. Yup, you read that correctly. Never. So I thought why try it out and see what all the fuss is about. I headed over to Organic Shimmer Spa and had an oxygen facial. I love that my esthetician explained the process, all the products she was going to use and even did an assessment of my skin. I learned that even though I drink 8 glasses of water a day (or at least try very hard to) that my skin was really dehydrated. She recommended a toner which would help moisturize it and to use it before my AM and PM moisturizing routine. This Eminence smells amazing, my skin looks more radiant and I can use it to refresh my skin for that dewy look anytime.

Disclosure: My facial was graciously gifted to me by Shimmer Organic, I purchased the toner on my own accord and love it!

So you agree... February was a good month

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