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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I had another post ready for today but when I saw this beautiful image of Karlie Kloss in the Donna Karen Fall 2014 show this past week at New York Fashion Week, I knew I had to write about it. Yes, the floor length, high slit red dress and shoes are amazing, but what makes this look is Karlie's confidence. You can just tell that she feels amazing in this look! This made me realize that confidence is the best outfit. 

Honestly, in the past few weeks I've been struggling with outfits to post. I question - is it cool? On trend? Will people like it? etc. I've come to realize that whatever I'm most comfortable in will give me confidence, which in turn will create a smashing look. So wear whatever makes you feel confident, whether it's a dress, skinny jeans and a tee or even sweats. Wear it and wear it with confidence that's when you'll turn heads. Okay, enough with my rant. Happy hump day! xo

So you agree... confidence is the always best dressed 

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