Friday, April 11, 2014

What a week! From jetting to LA and then straight to Chicago, I'm pooped. Though this little recap does help out a little, I clearly had a great time at FABB! From staying at the cutest boutique hotel, sharing laughs to my gal Carlina to seeing a few of my favorite bloggers, FABB is always a great time. Read on for photo details!

Photos from left to right - 
Top: A few of my favorite gal pals during brunch // The beautiful art at the Crescent Hotel, I highly recommend it! // My adorable mani by Emilly Ann at Olive & June 

Middle: A diva wall of Miss MaryJane at the SLS // Time for a little FABB! // Lounging after day 1 (outfit details)

Bottom: Day 2 look - I decided to keep it comfy // A night cap at the Crescent Lounge // My PICs Carlina & Kat

So you agree... FABB looks fab

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    1. Thanks lady! such a fun weekend with you and the gals. We need to do more girl chats. XO


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