HIGH FASH FRIDAY {Rosie Huntington Whiteley X Jalouse Magazine}

Friday, May 16, 2014

Man, oil fields are so sexy! Said nobody ever. Then Miss. Whiteley showed you how it's done. 

I think Rosie will eventually go down in model history as having the most insane cheekbones of all time. I mean, that side profile is all things ridic. There isn't anything I didn't love about this Jalouse spread: every look is chic, the setting is so unique, and I love that it's all in black and white. See more of the spread here

Happy weekend babes, hope you have something lovely planned! xo 

So you agree... you wish you had Rosie's cheekbones 

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  1. Yup that side profile is most def ridic. Loved seeing/hanging with you today! Wishing you the bestest week ever in Miamiiiiii!

    xo Carlina

    1. Isn't she out of control? I LOVE LOVE seeing you boo, you're my fav!


  2. hahaha, these photo captions were the best! love me some rosie <3


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