Friday, October 31, 2014

Yee, the end of October means the holidays are right around the corner. This month was spent falling for a new local restaurant, reading advice from one of my all-time faves and treating myself. 

If there is one thing to know about my love of fashion, it's that Chanel is my creme de la creme. I received this book of tips from Sir Karl from a friend who clearly knows my taste. I love how creative, sarcastic and insightful Karl is. A few favorites:
On Design: 'When I do something, I do it 100 percent. I'm a professional killer.'
On Being in Shape: 'I wanted to be a perfect coat hanger for slim-fitting clothes.'
On Luxury: 'My greatest luxury is not to have to justify myself to anyone.'
On Fashion: 'Trendy is the last stage before tacky.'

Restaurant: Stones Throw

I love when the beau and I have an impromptu date night that's a bit fancier than we expected. We've walked by this cute neighborhood restaurant more times than I can count and finally pulled the trigger. Why did we wait so long?! From the warm and cozy atmosphere, to the helpful and fun staff, to the variety of menu items, this place is the bee's knees! One of my favorite details is that for dessert they ask you to write whatever dessert you'd want most, and if the chef likes it they create it and invite you back to give it a try.  

Appetizer: Prosciutto, watermelon, and mozzarella salad
Main: Salmon and corn
Dessert: Peanut butter & Jelly Doughnuts

Honestly, what lady doesn't love a good mani/pedi? Add a crazy assortment of color options and complimentary bubbles and you might not get me out of the chair. I can see why LuxSF won Allure Magazine's 'Best of Beauty' this year. The salon is beautiful, the staff attentive and the mani/pedi was exceptional and lasted longer than usual. A total win-win in my book.  

Mani: RGB 'Dew'

Disclosure: LuxSF graciously gifted me a mani/pedi. I chose to write about them for this month's beauty because it was such an amazing experience I wanted to share with local readers. 

Image Credit: October (via pinterest), Wine bottle art (via Stone Throw's website)

So you agree... you can't believe we're heading into the holidays

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  1. I went to Stones Throw for the first time last month and wrote about it too. Such good service and food, and it was a lot bigger than I expected. Happy Friday to you! :)

    1. How funny Ashley! It was so delicious. I wish I could go weekly ;) Hope you had a fantastic weekend!



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