Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Recently, I've had quite a few friends, co-workers, and readers asking for fashion advice on whether to buy something or how to style a piece. I thought it would make for a perfect mini series! So, whenever I get a 'should I get this' or 'how do I wear this' question, I'll be sure to share. First up, the J.Crew Herringbone vest

My friend recently texted me wondering if she should invest in this J.Crew vest. But before I say 'yeah' or 'nah' you should know a few things about my shopping style:

1. I typically only buy things that are on sale. Especially if it isn't a basic or an 'omg I have to have it' piece. I'll wait on it, everything goes on sale eventually. If not, it wasn't meant to own. 
2. Can I work the piece into 3 different looks? 
3. Do I need it? This theory doesn't apply to stripes, loafers, or lipstick though. Those are always necessary. 
4. CPW = Cost per wear

So I asked, 'was it on sale?' Nope. But it's $108. Which I know isn't cheap at all

Can it be worn 3 different ways? Absolutely! I mean, herringbone is a classic and it's black and white. 

Did she need it? Living in San Francisco, layers are a must. And what's a better layering piece than a vest? 

CPW = if she wears it 10 times this fall/winter it only cost her 10 bucks a wear. I can barely get lunch that cheap. 

So I told her YEAH! Now, I kinda want it... Thoughts? Would you invest in this vest? Here are a few looks she sent me of babes wearing the vest if I haven't sold ya yet. 

Can't decide on something? Purchase a piece on the whim (or buzzed) and need some inspo on wearing it? Send me a note, I'm happy to help a sista out. 

So you agree... this vest was a total yaas 

Image Credit: Yeah or nah

Need More So You Agree... 


  1. Great advice! I love the vest and would love to have it in my closet as well.

    1. Thanks Ashely! I agree, I think the vest is a great investment. Might need to get it, maybe santa..?

  2. YES! At first I was a bit skeptical on this vest, but you sold me girl...I'm not sure this series will hurt or help me..hehe! It's super cute on all the bloggers/inspo below.

    xo Carlina

    1. Uh oh, I always want to be helping you sista ;) I'm sure you'd create more than 3 fabulous looks with it.



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