Monday, December 1, 2014

How are we already heading into the final month of 2014?! November was filled with me working on my beauty game, enjoying winter-themed bites, and obsessing with exfoliating. 

Book: The Daily Face c/o Chronicle Books
By: Annamarie Tendler

What girl doesn't love playing dress up!? Since starting my new adventure, I've fallen even more in love with makeup (something I didn't think was possible).  I love to see how people can take simple colors and make beautiful looks with a few easy tricks. 'The Daily Face' has some great artistry tips, a majority of the looks are by color, and it's an easy step-by-step guide. I liked that the looks are by color because I know I'm not the only gal that has a few pallets with colors unused. It's a great way to try something new that you currently have!
Restaurant: Chaya 

I've had Chaya on my SF eats list for quite some time. So imagine my excitement when they invited me to taste a few of their winter bites! I couldn't get enough of the Celeriac Raviolis in sage brown butter and Beeler's Bacon Wrapped Mochi. The mochi was so different (I always think of mochi as a sweet bite) and amazing. Not to mention, they can make a stiff drink. I enjoyed a few basil & cucumber gimlets. I can't wait to go again and bring my beau.  

I love lipstick, there I said it. I know I can admit that to close friends like you. With this love affair, taking care of my lips is key so I don't have flakes with my bold lip choices. Hello fabulips from bliss! I use this simple exfoliating tool with their sugar scrub during my weekly pamperfest. It super easy, effective, and leaves my lips feeling smooth and hydrated. It would make a great gift for any fancy gal this holiday season! 

So you agree... you can't believe we're heading into December

Need More So You Agree... 


  1. I've heard good things about Chaya but have never been. It's on my list. Happy December!

    1. It's a must Ashley! It's not only delicious but the view doesn't hurt either. Happy December!


  2. Ohh! So many great finds, lady! I love a good coffee table book, that beauty filled one looks fab. And how fun does that Chaya happy hour look?! I haven't been there in soo long. Might need to tag along with you and beau one of these days ;)

    xo Carlina


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