Tuesday, December 30, 2014

NYE. Is it just another day?

YES! I remember it having such a build up. What to wear, who to hang out with, where to go, who will I kiss (when I didn't have a beau), etc.? And then it turned midnight and all the charm wore off like Cinderella. All that stress was for nothing. I mean, I totally have some insanely amazing memories with friends on NYE but I just couldn't imagine going through all that stress now. Not to mention being cold. I always didn't wear enough layers since I haaad to be in a sequin dress.  My maturity has taught me sequins come in more than just dresses and I can wear them more than just one night. 

Jacket: Vintage score via ReLove // 
Lips: Stila 'Beso' // 
So you agree... sequins aren't just for NYE

Need More So You Agree... 


  1. That jacket is too fabulous - I need one!! <3

  2. If it wasn't Surfing Life, I'd rather wear shiny tops and jeans with sneakers, than bathing costume. But it's a huge part of my life, and I can't avoid it.


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