Monday, March 23, 2015

I'm blushin' for oh so many reasons!

Not just because I scored this adorbs knit for a steal of ten buckaroos from H&M but also because the beau and I fell in love a wedding venue!! These photos were taken after roaming the grounds which is why my boots are damp (blogger fail). But I was just so excited, I couldn't care less! Don't worry, I won't  be doing a wedding series, maybe just a few posts here and there. Hope you had a fab weekend! 

Knit: H&M (recent) //
Boots: Steve Madden (old, obsessed with these) // 
Necklace: Vintage via Sweet & Spark // 

So you agree... you'd be blushin' too


  1. So casual and chic, love the addition of the necklace. x I had a great weekend!


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