Monday, March 30, 2015

Life is about investments.

The time you invest towards your friends and family, the money you save to invest into a home, or the patience you invest to find the perfect piece. I practice all these ways of 'investing' and when I spotted this piece within the new Banana Republic line, I immediately swooped it. 

I'm also planning on investing more time into my little corner of the internet. Life has just been a little hard lately so I've been trying to invest more time to myself. #sorrykindanotsorry

Top: Vintage top, no tag via ReLove // 
Skirt: ASOS 'Skater' // 
Loafers: Freda Salvador 'See' obsessed with these // 

So you agree... you gotta make investments


  1. I am obsessed with you! And that vest is an investment ;) I see what you did there! Love this look, it's perfect. p.s your bare girls were a dream to hang out with this Friday...they are so great!

    xo Carlina

  2. You do you Donna! I am obsessed with your top too! Miss you and hope to see you soon. =]



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